The best air purifier we know of

The Livsdal is an air purifier like no other. Highly efficient air cleaning, and with long lasting filters. The Livsdal runs quiet and is very energy efficient.

Quiet, for a good night’s sleep

You spend an average of 8 hours a night in your bedroom. As you sleep, you want to make sure you and your family is protected from outside pollutants as well as the toxins within your own home. The Livsdal quietly purifies your air, providing you a restful and revitalizing night.

Cleaner air with combined Hepa and activated carbon filtration

The Livsdal air purifier uses seven filters. It captures particles like bacteria, allergens, soot and smog – all the way down to viruses and hazardous gases. The Livsdal does not use any ionizing technologies and does not emit ozone.

Air purifier specifications

Download product sheet [PDF 181Kb]


Filters by Camfil

Air filtration specialist Gösta Larson founded Camfil in 1963, to supply the new Swedish nuclear power plants with high-quality air filtration. Today, with more than 50 years of experience, Camfil delivers clean air solutions all over the world. With high quality products, they are contributing to something that is essential to everyone – clean air for health, performance and well-being.

Filter 1: Pre-filter

The pre-filter catches regular dust and larger particles. The pre-filter can easily be vacuumed while replacing the other filters.

Filter 2: Hepa Particle filter

The second filter is a Hepa H13 from the Swedish filter company Camfil. The Hepa Particle filter captures dust, bacteria and viruses among many other particles. The high-quality filters meet the Eurovent EN1822 classification with the efficiency of 99.996 % for particles of the size 0.3 μm, although it will eliminate particles down to the size of 0.05 μm. The filter area of the Hepa H13 filter is 9.7 m²/104 ft². Each filter is individually tested. A unique quality report for each individual filter is attached to it upon delivery.

Filter 3-6: Four Carbon Molecule filters

After the Hepa, there are four different activated carbon cylinders from Camfil that capture toxic gases with the size of a molecule or about 0.0005 μm. The activated Carbon Molecule filters absorb and trap gases and odors. We have designed the 11.7 kg/25.8 lbs filters of activated carbon specifically for molecular filtration of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde among other VOCs tested according to ISO 10121. The four activated carbon filters also capture a long list of other compounds. Please see the Answers page for full specifications.

Filter 7: Post filter

As a last safeguard, we’ve put a metal granular-filter after the fan. It’s placed right on the outlet to capture any carbon particles that could be released.


New filters, long running time

We will suggest a suitable filter replacement plan depending on where you live, and how the air pollution is in your area. In general, in a very polluted city in Asia the filters have to be changed every 12 months. In a polluted city like NYC or London the filters have to be changed every 24 months. A full set of Hepa and Carbon filters cost € 1,500 incl. VAT.

A comparison

A comparison and review between the air cleaners Blueair Pro M, Camfil City M, Electrolux Oxygen Z9124 and IQAir HealthPro 250. As a conclusion we can see that the Livsdal air purifier has as a total of 10-20 times higher filter capacity than the average competitor. Livsdal, Camfil and Iqair are using certified filters.

Many air cleaners proudly promotes a high air flow. But that is mainly a quality of a fan not a product that is suppose to purify air. First of all it is the filter quality that defines a good air cleaner. Then of course it is necessary that it can make the air go through the filters. But an air cleaner that does not even have filter capacity to capture nitrogen dioxide will not capture any regardless of air flow.


Low noise and great airflow

The Livsdal is engineered to be as quiet as possible at any given air flow. The fan is well balanced, secured, and sound isolated. This ensures that you get a peaceful night’s sleep in pure, clean air.

Where you sleep
To enjoy a good nights sleep we recommend having your air purifier at a low setting, with a noise level of about 35 dB. At that setting, the Livsdal delivers about 90 cubic meters an hour or 53 cubic feet per minute. This will be plenty for a normal sized bedroom.

In a larger bedroom you might feel comfortable to set the purifier at a somewhat higher setting, with a noise level about 44 dB. The Livsdal can then deliver 160 cubic meters an hour or 94 cubic feet per minute.

Where you relax
At a medium air flow setting, the Livsdal delivers 280 cubic meters an hour or 164 cubic feet per minute of purified air. The noise level for this setting is about 50 dB.

When you need clean air – fast
The Livsdal delivers 490 cubic meters an hour or 288 cubic feet per minute of purified air at maximum speed. The noise level from the fan is then 66 dB. This is good for an extreme situation or acceptable for an initial cleaning of a room.


Low energy consumption

The Livsdal is energy efficient equipped with a modern brushless EC motor – which is very low in energy consumption. It ranges between 8 watts at the lowest air flow, up to 60 watts on the highest. If you keep the Livsdal on a medium setting day and night, the yearly consumption will be less than 140 kW. This is comparable to an 15 watts light bulb. Spending less means saving more – both for yourself and the environment.

Better air with pleasant design

The outer dimensions of the Livsdal is 67 cm/25 inches wide, 45 cm/18 inches deep and 82 cm/32 inches high. With a range of customizable finishes to fit your taste, the Livsdal will add to the overall aesthetic of your home’s interior. The steel screen on the back of the unit matches the finish of the base, as do the legs. It weighs 66 kg/145 lbs with a wooden shelf, and 80 kg/176 lbs with a stone shelf.

Choose your cabinet and shelf design

The Livsdal is topped with an elegant, yet functional dais finished in your choice of the same wood as the cabinet or in three different natural stones.

Ash – white or black
Ash is a strong and durable wood. Livsdal has applied a hard wax oil with glazing for a white or a black finish.

Walnut – deep brown
Walnut is a strong and durable wood type with lots of character and excellent woodworking qualities.


The Livsdal air purifier is CE marked in accordance with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and the The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU.

The Livsdal production site is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

The Livsdal Hepa Particle filter meet the Eurovent EN1822 classification with the efficiency ≥ 99,996 % for particles of the size 0.3 μm.

All Livsdal Carbon Molecule filters are tested according to ISO 10121.