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Quite simply, the best air purifiers we know of

An incredibly efficient air cleaning performance scientifically proven to be far ahead of our competitors. Quiet and exceptionally energy efficient. And elegant, clean lines inspired by beautifully-designed furniture. Livsdal air purifiers perform, look and sound like no other.

When is an air purifier not an air purifier?

A premium Livsdal home air purifier is more than a functional piece of engineering. It is also a stylish work of art. Designed in collaboration with the visionary Swedish studio MP12, each model is a thing of beauty that will enhance any interior as a contemporary sideboard or a stylish bedside table.

Breathe easy

The performance is as breathtaking as the design. No problem. Because Livsdal represents the next level of clean air. The Hepa H13 filter captures particles of PM10, PM2.5, PM1, UFP0.3, UFP0.05, while the four molecule filters contain activated carbon to remove gases from traffic such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone as well as formaldehyde and other VOC’s down to c. 0.0002 μm. To put it another way, Livsdal air purifiers offer an unrivalled filter size up to 20 times greater than the average competitor.

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White noise. Green performance.

Livsdal air purifiers are engineered to be as quiet and energy efficient as they are effective. The fan is well balanced, secured, and sound isolated. In fact, the white noise has been meticulously designed to aid sleep. The brushless EC motor, meanwhile, consumes the same amount of electricity as a 15 watt light bulb on a medium setting. So it’s good for your environment. And it’s good for the everyone else’s environment too.

Customise your Livsdal

Livsdal air purifiers are all made to order from your choice of deluxe natural Swedish materials, delivered in 6-8 weeks. For the cabinet black ash, white ash or open grained walnut bring to life the enduring beauty of natural wood. The elegant, exceptionally durable shelf can be hand cut from the same wood, or add contrast with a natural stone top. The steel screen at the rear and the legs both perfectly match the finish of the base.

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Livsdal AP1 specifications

Room size
Up to 150 m² /1615 ft²

Filter size
Hepa 13 Particle filter: 9.7 m²/104 ft² Hepa H13 filter
Carbon Molecule filters: 11.7 kg/25.8 lbs of activated carbon

Design options
Cabinet: Veneer in black ash, white ash or walnut on MDF board.
Detailing: All metal parts crafted from stainless steel.
Shelf: Same wood as the cabinet, white Italian Carrara marble (C-grade), black granite or grey limestone.

H 82 cm/32 in x W 67 cm/26 in x D 45 cm/18 in

Cabinet with wooden shelf: 66 kg/145 lbs
Cabinet with stone shelf: 80 kg/176 lbs

Air delivery cubic meter per hour: 55-85-160-280-490
Sound level dB(Lw): 25-33-44-50-66
Energy consumption watts: 8-10-15-21-60

Air delivery cubic feet per minute: 32-50-94-164-288
Sound level dB(Lw): 25-33-44-50-66
Energy consumption watts: 8-10-15-21-60

For full Livsdal AP1 specifications, please download the product sheet [PDF 181Kb]

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