A passion
for healthy living

The team behind Livsdal are a dedicated group of entrepreneurs and designers believing that form and function should go hand in hand.

Swedish design, Swedish craftsmanship and Swedish manufacturing.

We hope that the sculptural design of our air purifiers will make a great addition to your living and working spaces, while creating a healthy air to breathe.

air cleaner


Livsdal founders Andreas and Tobias Murray.

Andreas Murray and Tobias Murray are two brothers that share a passionate interest in healthy living and good design. In 2014 they founded Livsdal with the intention of making the best and most well designed air cleaner for the consumer market.

“We first came across Camfil filters 19 years ago, and immidately started to experiment with air purification at a company called Snowcrash. But the timing didn’t feel right, and the market wasn’t ready. Years later, we created Livsdal and now the timing couldn’t be any more perfect for high-quality air purification.”

Livsdal is a small, beautiful village on the Swedish countryside, whose name means “valley of life” in Swedish. This is where the Murray brothers spent their childhood summers on a small family farm.

Filters by Camfil

Air filtration specialist Gösta Larson founded Camfil in 1963, to supply the new Swedish nuclear power plants with high-quality air filtration. Today, with more than 50 years of experience, Camfil delivers clean air solutions all over the world. With high quality products, they are contributing to something that is essential to everyone – clean air for health, performance and well-being.

The creative team

Creativity married with implementation capacity is the heart of Livsdal. When visually presenting our concept or communicating with our clients, we always strive to provide clear, interesting and relevant information.

Product design by studio MP12

The design works towards erasing the line between an appliance and furniture by its low-tech language and material-focused approach. As a modern take on the iconic Swedish 19th century style of Karl Johan (Swedish Empire style), Livsdal has a grand stature that resonates with the products unprecedented quality and performance level. Studio MP12 is a Stockholm-based studio working with furniture, product and retail design.

Visual identity by Gábor Palotai Design

Gábor Palotai was born in Budapest, Hungary. Since 1981, he has been living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1990, Gábor Palotai established his own graphic design studio. Gábor Palotai is an honorary professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. In 2002, he became a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI).

Photographs by Alexander Crispin

Swedish photographer Alexander Crispin has a photographic elegance spiced with a twist of playfulness. This has established him as one of the best Swedish advertising photographers. Like a Renaissance painter, he creates his photographs with the finest regard to detail, be it: environments, still life or a portrait. For Livsdal, he has created all product imagery.

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