Our technology
The secret is in the filter

Livsdal air purifiers all incorporate seven long lasting, high capacity and high quality filters from Camfil, the Swedish specialists. Camfil was founded in 1963 by air filtration expert Gösta Larson to supply the new Swedish nuclear power plants with high-quality air filtration. Today, the company delivers remarkably effective clean air technology across the globe.

Filter 1: Pre-filter

Catches regular dust and larger particles.

Filter 2: Hepa 13 Particle filter

Captures dust, bacteria and viruses among many other particles. 99.996 % efficiency for particles of 0.3 μm, but will capture particles down to 0.05 μm.

Filter 3-6: Four Carbon Molecule filters

Four different activated Carbon Molecule filters capture toxic gas molecules as small as c. 0.0005 μm. They are designed to absorb odours, gases and car emissions including nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde plus a list of other compounds too long to keep your attention here – all tested to ISO 10121.

Filter 7: Post filter

The final safeguard comes in the form of a metal granular-filter, located on the fan outlet to capture any carbon particles that could potentially be released.

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Built to last

In Asian cities with higher pollution levels, filters normally have to be changed every 12 months. In less polluted cities such as Los Angeles and London, it will be closer to every 24 months. Feel free to get in touch and we will advise you on a suitable filter replacement plan for your location. A full set of filters costs €980 incl. VAT.

Air flow vs Air purification

Many air cleaners proudly promote a high air flow, but don’t be fooled. Air flow relates to the quality of the fan, which has nothing to do with cleaning the air. The level of the purification is completely down to the quality of the filter. Which is where a Livsdal comes into its own.

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Proven superiority in filter capacity

A comparison of the Austin Air Bedroom Machine, IQAir HealthPro 250, Amaircare 3000, Electrolux Oxygen Z9124 and Livsdal AP1 air cleaners shows that the Livsdal delivers an unrivalled filter capacity up to 20 times greater than the average competitor.

Free from ionising technologies. Free from ozone.

Many filter technologies use ionisers and other ozone emitters which can irritate the lungs and aggravate respiratory diseases. Livsdal doesn’t. Our activated carbon filters eliminate ozone molecules and trap air pollutants, ensuring that only clean air is released back into the room.

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Livsdal and Tesla

Just like a Tesla, Livsdal operates in the clean air business – but that’s not all we have in common. As the leader in automotive air filtration, Tesla also uses both Hepa and activated carbon filtration. The result is a purity comparable to a hospital operating room, whether you’re behind the wheel or asleep in bed. Tesla calls this ”bioweapon defence mode” but it is so much more than a gimmick. It’s actually quite ingenious.


Livsdal air purifiers are CE marked in accordance with EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and the The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU.

The Livsdal production site is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

The Livsdal Hepa Particle filter meet the Eurovent EN1822 classification with the efficiency ≥ 99,996 % for particles of the size 0.3 μm.

All Livsdal Carbon Molecule filters are tested according to ISO 10121.

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