Air purifiers capturing viruses, coronavirus and covid-19

High quality air purifiers are an important tool against covid-19 and to minimize the spread of coronavirus, which is transmitted via large droplets and extremely small ones with the ability to float around in the indoor air for hours. It was stated in the scientific publication It is time to address the transfer of COVID-19 signed by Professor Lidia Morawska, WHO Collaborating Center for Air Quality and Health, and 239 other international researchers in July 2020.

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They are very clear that high quality air purifiers with Hepafilter are an important tool for minimizing the spread of coronavirus and thus covid-19.

This spring, when Karolinska University Hospital expanded its places in the intensive care unit to receive covid patients, they bought and installed air purifiers from the Swedish filter company Camfil. I have tested that it has been set that filters that are certified according to HEPA H13 are an insurance case to clean the air from air pollutants down to 0.005 microns is more than 10 times smaller than a SARS-CoV-2.

The same type of filter, a really certified HEPA H13 filter uses Livsdal in its air purifiers to get the air in the room where it is placed constantly circulating through the filters. Over and over again. In this way, the levels of the virus that can be present in the air are constantly minimized.

Livsdal also has molecular purification with activated carbon, so all exhaust gases that can enter with ventilation from the outside are removed. Choice facilitates breathing and minimizes the strain on the body’s immune system.