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Do you want to know more about how clean indoor air makes us more efficient and healthier? Or are you already convinced that ordering an air purifier is the best way to create a safe indoor climate, free from viruses, exhaust fumes, pollen, bacteria and toxic gases? Book a free consultation where we come to you and tell you more about air purification and go through your needs for air purifiers based on your specific conditions. We are more than happy to come up with recommendations for a tailor-made solution together with pricing information for guaranteed clean air with the help of air purifiers at your place.

If you order clean air as a service to your workplace, school, clinic or the like, it feels safe knowing that we service our air purifiers on an ongoing basis, including by changing filters. If you rent an air purifier, insurance is also included in your agreement, in case something should happen. If you already have an air purifier from Livsdal and are in need of service, you are of course always welcome to contact us.


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We deliver and install our service clean air in offices in San Francisco, New York, London or Stockholm.