An effective service for your school

Livsdal delivers clean air as a service to schools that rent an air purifier in San Francisco, New York or London. Using our services, you can rent the most efficient air purifier on the market; and it’s also been designed with care to be both easy to place in the classroom and effective where there are many students. We install and service our air purifiers on an ongoing basis and regularly change the filters. The agreement includes insurance as a matter of course.

The service includes

Consultation and planning
Air purifiers
Delivery and installation

Filter replacement

Air purifiers remove 90 percent of aerosols in school classrooms

Atmospheric researchers from Goethe University in Frankfurt have demonstrated that air purifiers with a class H13 filter (HEPA) can lower aerosol concentration in a classroom by 90 percent within 30 minutes. Because this significantly reduces the risk of airborne infection with SARS-CoV-2, the scientists recommend placing such air purifiers in classrooms. In most cases, students and teachers did not find the noise made by the purifier disturbing. Read more here.

Good indoor air increases capability

A study by a team from Harvard and Syracuse University focused on indoor air quality. The researchers simulated environments with different levels of ventilation, carbon dioxide and emissions from ordinary office products and concluded that people who work in a “green office environment” perform almost 27 percent better with cognitive tasks.

A summary of the study may be found here.

The entire study may be found here.

A supplement to the ventilation system

Indoor air can be up to 50 times more dangerous to health than outdoor air. Exhaust fumes from traffic, together with pollen enter by way of the ventilation system and are added to the air pollutants that are often already present in interior furnishings, electronics, the building itself and our cleaning materials. On top of that, come bacteria and viruses that we humans carry around with us and spread amongst each other.

Air purifiers are a powerful supplement to good ventilation. In most cases, office ventilation systems have insufficient capacity, and installing a more efficient system can be expensive and produces only marginal improvement. Increasing the quantity of supply air is also not a good alternative, since this tends to bring in even more pollutants from the air outside.

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