A stylish service for your offices

Livsdal delivers clean air as a service to companies that rent an air purifier in San Francisco, New York or London. Using our services, you can rent the most efficient air purifier on the market; and it’s also been designed with care to be both beautiful and easy to place in the office. We install and service our air purifiers on an ongoing basis and regularly change the filters. The agreement includes insurance as a matter of course.

The service includes

Consultation and planning
Air purifiers
Delivery and installation

Filter replacement

Book a meeting to find out more about clean air at work, at school or at the clinic

What size suits your needs best; a small or a larger air purifier from Livsdal? Which model and how many air purifiers you need to rent depends on how your premises are designed and how many people they are intended to accommodate. Book a meeting for consultation, and we will come up with a proposal designed to meet your needs. As a company you rent an air purifier in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Livsdal’s air purifiers improve the working environment

Using Livsdal air purifiers, you can achieve a healthier workplace, thanks to reduced spread of disease and increased energy. The fact is that clean air can be linked to improved concentration and heightened efficiency. Additionally, the risk of interruption to sleep among employees is reduced when indoor air pollution is minimised during the working day. For pollen allergy sufferers and asthmatics, air purification means reduced strain on the airways.

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