The Luxury Air Purifier from Sweden

Livsdal is the world’s most efficient consumer air purifier. Next level of air purification to capture pollen, viruses, bacteria, toxic molecules, and other harmful particles. Livsdal makes your indoor space 50 times cleaner. Suitable for rooms up to 150 m²/1615 ft². Purchase your Livsdal here or in London at Harrods.


7-filter technology

Our 7-filter technology capture nitrogen dioxide NO2, sulfur dioxide SO2, ozone O3, formaldehyde CH2O, particles PM10, PM2.5, PM1, as well as ultrafine particles PM0.3

High-end technology from industry brought to a consumer product

Livsdal is a state-of-the-art air purifier. Sophisticated design has been paired with high-end technology used in nuclear power and health-care industries.

Livsdal now at Harrods, London

Livsdal has launched for sale at Harrods. Available from Home Appliances, second floor. Also on display at The Wellness Clinic, fourth floor.

For opening hours please visit


At Camfil Tech Centre in Trosa, Sweden Livsdal has conducted tests of capturing particles and molecules in a 20m3 test chamber. This test shows the reduction of 0.3 micron particles. From ca 50 million to ca 2 million particles/m3 in 25 minutes at medium speed. A constant rate of impurities at normal ventilation rate were applied during the entire test period.


This test shows the reduction of Toluene molecules. From ca 1200 parts per billion to 0 ppb/m3 in 14 minutes at medium speed. No additional impurities were applied during the test period.

The price starts at € 9,845

The price starts at € 9,845 incl. 25% VAT for EU deliveries. For non EU deliveries the VAT will be deducted at purchase and will be invoiced directly to you from your local customs office. In the U.S. and Hong Kong air purifiers are sold duty free.

Maximize your recovery during sleep

Cleaner air means a healthier life. The Livsdal air purifier is designed to maximize your sleep, by improving the air in your bedroom. When you recover physically and mentally during the night, you can perform at your best during the day. This is as important for you as it is for your children or for your baby in their nursery.

Make your home clean and fresh

We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors and it is 2-10 times more polluted than outdoors. We believe the bedroom is the most efficient place for your Livsdal. But feel free to place it anywhere you’d like clean, crisp and dust-free air. At home, in your office or in a small commercial space.

Livsdal will be part of the Swedish Pavilion at DesignInspire in Hong Kong, Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 December. The Pavilion will be inaugurated by His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip of Sweden.


Livsdal participated at Brompton Design District during London Design Festival 2017. Thank you to everyone that visited Livsdal at 2 Cromwell Place, Saturday 16 – Sunday 24 September.

London Design Festival

Livsdal featured in Canary Wharf Magazine July 2017, London

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Crafted in Sweden

Crafted in Sweden

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Sweden. Every Livsdal is made to order. The production facility is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


Next level of clean air

Next level of clean air

9.7 m²/104 ft² of Hepa H13 filter for particle filtration of PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and PM0.3. Efficiency of 99.996 % for particles of the size 0.3 μm, although it will eliminate particles down to 0.05 μm. The filters are individually tested according to Eurovent EN1822.

Extremely powerful air cleaner

Stops molecules

11.7 kg/25.8 lbs of activated carbon, filtering nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde and other VOC’s the size of about 0.0005 μm. Tested according to ISO 10121. Do compare what molecules our competitors capture before buying an air purifier.


Quiet enough for a bedroom

The strong and quiet type

The Livsdal runs quietly. Suitable for rooms up to 150 m²/1615 ft² for best performance with the lowest possible sound pollution. Extraordinary degree of air purification at only 35 dB.

Low energy air purifier

Low energy consumption

The Livsdal is energy efficient equipped with a modern brushless EC motor – which is very low in energy consumption. It consumes the same as an 15 watts light when purifying your bedroom at night.


Affordable replacement filters

High quality replacement filters

Our filters have a long lifespan. In very polluted cities in Asia, we recommend changing the filters once a year. In larger U.S. and European cities, change every other year. A new filter set costs € 1,500 incl. VAT.

Customize your own Livsdal

The Livsdal air purifiers are all made to order. Choose between three wooden colors: Black Ash, White Ash or Walnut. The walnut is an open grained wood. For the shelf, you can choose between wood or different natural stones. The dimensions of the Livsdal is 67 cm/26 inches wide, 45 cm/18 inches deep and 82 cm/32 inches high. It weighs 66 kg/145 lbs with a wooden shelf, and 80 kg/176 lbs with a stone shelf.


Relief of asthma, allergies and many more health problems.

The greatest risk to human health from air pollution is related to breathing fine particulate matter which by number is predominantly comprised of ultra fine particles and molecules. According to the scientific community as well as the WHO airborne pollutants is causing a health related disease. Breathing clean air can relieve asthma, allergy symptoms, tension headaches, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease.


”Before I got my Livsdal, I was unaware of how air pollution affected me. Now I feel less tired and have less headaches. The purification gives the air in my bedroom a really fresh feeling. When I travel, I miss my Livsdal.”

– Eva Lind


“I had a small air cleaner before. It was noisy, had a plastic appearance and contained almost no activated carbon. The supplier couldn’t give me a clear answer if it was really targeting nitrogen dioxide. Since I live in a city with lots of traffic, my primary concern is the amount of nitrogen dioxide in my home. The Livsdal runs quietly, targets nitrogen dioxide and cleans the air with style.”

– Klas Holm


“I felt a big change in my body when I started purifying the air in my bedroom. I now wake up more alert and less congested. My pollen allergies have become much better.”

– Michaela Planting