Superior air purification, from Sweden

Livsdal engineer the world’s most efficient consumer air purifiers. An unparalleled performance of certified filters eliminates traffic emissions, viruses like the latest coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, toxic molecules, gases and other harmful particles, making the air you breathe clean in rooms up to 150 m²/1615 ft².

Industrial technologyIndustrial technology

Target traffic emissionsTarget traffic emissions

Target coronavirus (2019-nCoV)Target viruses & bacteria

Livsdal One. State of the art. And a work of art too.

Livsdal One premium air purifiers effortlessly integrate sophisticated design with innovative technology as used in the nuclear power and health-care industries. Hand-crafted in Sweden, each Livsdal One is built to order and fully customisable to your taste. We use only the very highest quality woods and natural stones, all expertly cut and assembled by true artisans. Livsdal offers a breath of fresh air in every way.

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Advanced filter technology

The Hepa 13 Particle filter from Swedish specialist Camfil captures particles such as PM10, PM2.5, PM1, as well as ultrafine particles UFP0.3 and UFP0.005. Carbon Molecule filters remove gases from traffic such as nitrogen dioxide NO2, sulphur dioxide SO2 and ozone O3 as well as formaldehyde and VOC. To put in another way, the filter capacity of a Livsdal air purifier is 10-20 times higher than the average competitor.

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Livsdal Essential. Our latest edition of premium air purifiers.

Due to the new coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak Livsdal has intensified the development of a more affordable and smaller version of its premium air purifier. The new air purifier under the name Essential will have the same capacity of capturing molecular gases like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and ozone in the size of 0.5 nanometer particles, viruses like SARS-CoV-2 that is 60-140 nanometer. Viruses are in general in the size range from 10-400 nanometer that is equivalent to 0.01-0.4 micrometer. It will also capture allergens, smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, odour, dander, mold to mites in the size all the way up to more than 10 000 nanometer. Design by Studio MP12. Perforated metal pattern by Gabor Palotai Design.

The Essential is a critical equipment suitable in hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes and dental offices, as well as in homes of all people vulnerable to air pollution. It is designed to effectively capture pollutants in rooms up to 75 square meter. The hight is 90 cm times 40 x 40 cm.

Nominated in the category “Life-enhancer of the year” in the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2018.

“Not enough attention is given to the quality of the air we breathe, especially in a domestic environment, so Andreas and Tobias Murray decided to take things into their own hands, partnering with Swedish design studio MP12 and Gabor Palotai Design to launch a premium air purifier for the home. Handcrafted by artisans and customisable, the Livsdal purifier’s aesthetic is a contemporary take on the 19th-century Swedish Empire style. A structure of wood, stainless steel and natural stone conceals a state-of-the-art filtration system (produced by filter specialist Camfil), capturing pollutants such as viruses, pollen, bacteria and toxic molecules.”

February 2020. Livsdal will start to accept pre-orders on new Essential with delivery in autumn 2020.

January 2020. Livsdal’s air purifier has a Hepa 13 particle filter that capture the latest coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

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November 2018. Gábor Palotai and Livsdal has been awarded the 2018 Hungarian Design Award in Budapest

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Lab proven technology

In a series of tests at the Camfil Tech Centre in Trosa, Sweden, Livsdal reduces 0.3 micron-sized particles in a 20 m3 chamber from 50 million to 2 million particles/m3 in 25 minutes at medium speed.

The other test shows the complete elimination of Toluene molecules from 1200 parts per billion to zero in a mere 14 minutes at medium speed.

Relief of asthma, allergies and many more health problems

The greatest risk of air pollution to human health relates to breathing in ultra fine particles and emissions from diesel cars. According to the scientific community as well as the World Health Organisation, airborne pollutants can lead to numerous health issues.

”A few years back our son was diagnosed with a highly allergic reaction to dust and dust mites and being afraid of the pollution. After tryin different brands of air purifiers I found out about Livsdal. After doing a lot of research I see all the benefits it gives to me and it gives a great improvement to our sons life.”

– Claudia Pacheco, Hong Kong

“It’s so beautiful, it’s a piece of furniture rather than a piece of technology, something you actually want to have around and it also has this very soothing, soft sound. It reminds me of the ocean at night”

– Jane Withers, London

“Our Livsdal air purifier is one of the best investment we have done. We immediately noticed the difference with much fresher and cleaner air. Living with children in the city is also an investment in their health knowing that the air they breath indoor is clean.”

– Malin Sager, Stockholm